Cardio = Leanness!!!

Original art by John Minka of Bewitched Tattoo

Fact: Most “real” (competitive) bodybuilders never allow their body fat percentage to rise above %15, in fact, most stay closer to %10. Fact: Most “real” (competitive) bodybuilders do little or no “cardio” in the offseason! Use of logic and critical thinking: If Fact 1 is accurate and bodybuilders achieve and maintain leanness year round and … Read more

A Fair Introduction!

Broderick Chavez speaking at Evil Genius Down Under Sydney

What I think Science is……….. What I would like to do is give you a little insight into what I think science is and what I think you should take away from this. I had one really good professor in college, and at the introduction of a very important class, he said this: “Half of … Read more