Scott Habermehl

Scott Habermehl


For those seeking meticulously tailored and individualized programming, I selectively accept a limited number of personal clients through a thorough pre-screening process, contingent on my current

For over 20 years, I’ve dedicated myself to the art and science of coaching. I take immense pride in my role as a coach, striving to guide clients toward unparalleled success in achieving their goals.I stand as one of Canada’s distinguished coaches, with a track record of working seamlessly with both professional and amateur competitors, numerous athletes, film stars and individuals committed to unlocking their full potential.

Monthly Coaching Packages

  • Complete Coaching Package – $350usd + tax/mnth
  • Strength/Hypertrophy &; Conditioning: Tailored programs designed based on the goal(s).
  • Nutrition: Specific protocols for effective weight management and/or body re-composition.
  • Competition Prep: Protocols & guidance for competitors, both in “On” or “Off” season goals.
  • Supplementation: Evidence-based approach to OTC options based on the goal(s).
  • PED/AAS Protocols: Course design and/or advice on relevant pharmacological considerations.
  • Health/Blood Review: Regular monitoring of health markers and harm reduction strategies.
  • Check-ins: Weekly/Bi-weekly check-ins and necessary program adjustments.
  • And more…

Program designs come complete with all the essential tools and resources required to realize your goals
and I offer continuous support guidance and conduct regular check-ins to ensure accountability and

*Long term coaching discount pricing available based on personal evaluation.

  • Pharmacology Coaching Package – $250usd + tax
  • PED/AAS Design: Detailed PED/AAS course design and progress tracking.
  • Health/Blood Review: Regular health monitoring and harm reduction strategies
  • Supplementation Strategies: OTC strategies & considerations for improved efficacy.
  • Check-ins: Regular video/audio calls and course modifications as needed.

“I take a very NO Non-sense approach to coaching and am not interested in
holding your hand. However, I am very committed to the success of each and
every client and strive to deliver the best possible information and results!”

Video Consultations

  • 60 minutes – $150usd + tax
  • 3 x’s 60 minutes – $400usd + tax (useable within 1 calendar year)
  • 6 x’s 60 minutes – $750usd + tax (useable within 1 calendar year)


For booking information and availability, please email:


Scott is a seasoned professional strength & conditioning coach, specializing in On/Off Season
Competition programming, Female physiology and harm reduction, AAS/PED course design, Low-back
pain rehabilitation, and body re-composition for both males and females. With over two decades of
expertise, Scott collaborates with a diverse clientele, ranging from professional athletes to amateurs. He
excels in guiding individuals, whether natural or enhanced, and addresses a wide spectrum of goals,
ranging from general fat loss to sport-specific training.

Scott has been mentoring directly under Broderick Chavez for over 5 years and is a core team member,
regular contributor and coach for Team EvilGSP, Standing out as a professional with extensive
experience. In addition to his coaching role, he is also an author and published researcher. Scott’s
extensive expertise, coupled with his versatility and proficiency, establishes him as a prominent and
accomplished authority in the realms of sports performance, health and fitness.

 Owner & Head Coach at Hollywood Built
 Core Team member and Coach at Team EvilGSP
 McGill Method Certified plus 2x’s Master’s Assessment
 Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach
 Certified Nutritionist
 Published Researcher
Author and/or Co-author of:
 The AAS Handbook
 Setting up the Diet
 Understanding the Lumbar Spine
 Man…An Endangered Species
 Essential Mineral
 Sports Performance Cheat Sheets
 TRT to Sports HRT
 Sticky Note Hypertrop

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