Proper Programming and Scheduling

How do I manage my training to arrive at my very best on but not before the date of my next event? How do I train at a high level while avoiding over-training? These questions needlessly paralyze a lot of coaches and athletes.

Programming, Periodization and many others are just fancy words for ORGANIZATION! This article will show that with a little planning and the right training techniques, you can map out your weight training outline for the entire year in just a few hours.

Map It Out

On a calendar (either paper or digital) fill in the basic structure of your year. De sure to include your work and or school schedule, any travel or vacation plans,etc. Major competitive events you will attend, as well as the many events you MIGHT attend need to be filled in next. Quickly a very solid and obvious structure will begin to emerge that should be very easy to expand on.

The sport you are training for as well as your personal/professional philosophy will determine the details of the finer structure of your year plan.

Here are just a few tips for helping to develop functional multi-year programming no matter what sport you are training for.

Think at least one year in advance

Use past records/journals to help guide your current decisions.


Build your plan from the Macro to Micro

Always include non-competition info and concerns to avoid conflicts preemptively.

Don’t go overboard with the detail (there is always time to fill in more later)

Include friend, family, and coworkers in your plans to help prevent unforeseen conflicts.

Be flexible if you begin to see flaws in your initial plan.