Music Is Music ????

All music and therefore musical instruments share some overriding similarities, the structure of music, the auditory range of the human ear, even popular culture and geography. Despite the vast and undeniable similarities and even outright equalities, musical instruments and the skills needed to master them varies greatly!

The general attitude is to choose one (instrument or at most one family of instruments) and “specialize’ on learning and mastering it! Sure a piano player “understands” music and may even de facto know how to play the xylophone…….however he or she will always be better at their chosen piece; the piano!

Now Let's Pause For A Moment Of Logic

Why then do Powerlifters (and many other types of athletes) spend so much valuable time “learning lifts and movements they explicitly choose not to specialize on? If you are or intend to be a competitive powerlifter the only pressing movement of consequence is the Bench Press.

Broderick Chavez

Just as in music specializing on the bench press will give an athlete essential skills and knowledge relevant to other chest/pressing movements for certain, but a simple cost to benefit analysis should support the idea that the competitive bench press is of the highest priority to someone hoping to compete in the competitive bench press.

I’m not trying to make the argument that Powerlifters should do nothing but the “big three” (although I could), I’m merely hoping to get you to consider and possibly question your training priorities for the future!

B. “Evil Genius” Chavez