Mircea Balaj

Mircea Balaj

2022 Rates & Fees 

Video Consultations:
  • $100USD + tax / 1hr
  • $275USD + tax / 3hrs. (usable within 1 calendar year)
  • $500USD + tax / 6hrs. (usable within 1 calendar year)
Monthly Coaching Packages:
  • Pharmacology Coaching – $200USD + tax/month (PED Course Design, Health Monitoring, and Progress Tracking)
  • Complete Coaching Package (PED Course Design, Weight Training Design, Cardio Design/Schedule, Diet Design/Macros, Lifestyle “Tweaks”, Rehab/Prehab Schedule, Health Monitoring, Progress Tracking) – Pricing is based on personal evaluation
Each package includes the initial 1h consultation. From there on, check-ins will be weekly.
For the Complete Coaching Package, a 15-30 minute weekly call to review the week and see if modifications need to be made to the program.
For the Pharmacology Coaching Package, check-ins will be made via email and 15-30 minute calls as needed.
All check-in calls are either via Zoom or WhatsApp (can be other apps if needed), and I can be contacted via WhatsApp in case urgent modifications need to be made.


As TeamEvilGSP’s Chief Research Assistant and Broderick’s understudy I have absorbed as much knowledge as humanly possible directly from the Evil Genius himself.

Growing (literally) under Broderick’s guidelines I had the opportunity to learn the intricacies of pharmacology and sports performance and as the first TeamEvilGSP coach I applied this knowledge to many clients ranging from competitive bodybuilders, to MMA fighters, to powerlifters, to crossfit athletes and of course the typical lifestyle client.

I take great pride in what I do and I always aim to deliver the best possible results with the least negative impacts on health!

I look forward to helping you achieve your goals and for any questions, please feel free to email me

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