FAT FUCKS with shaker cups!

I’m sure the modern gym “bro” isn’t very comfortable with the idea of critical thinking or outright logic! In spite of the given id like to point out a super simple concept………


If too much is the problem, MORE CANNOT BE THE SOLUTION!

If food (kilocalories) is the problem, then food (kilocalories) can be in no way part of the solution. With that said why is every gym and fitness center in the Western World filled with FAT FUCKS with shaker cup? Every minute of every day you can find legions of “Athletes” sporting 20 plus percent body fat swilling pre. Intra and post workout swills as they plod along pointlessly on “cardio” equipment!

How fucking silly is it to think that Joe Average Gym-Mullet can’t even manage a 45-60 min training session without needing vast amounts of “portable” infusion of nutrition?

LISTEN………………i can hear them now…………………….”I don’t want to turn catabolic” or “Pro Bodybuilder X swears by his intra workout potion”!

sumo wrestler

On the first point: Fat burning is by definition a catabolic event dumb ass! If you’re unwilling to “go catabolic” even for a moment, you’re destined to be one of the western world’s unathletic sumo-wannabes AKA a FAT FUCK!

On the second point: Pro bodybuilders (and most pro athletes” are NOT %20 body fat and almost always have a much higher accumulation of muscle mass that JAGM (Joe Average Gym Mullet) making any and all comparisons between the two STUPID! Plus I’m quite certain that Pro Bodybuilder X (or any pro athlete) gets PAID to ENDORSE whatever goofy product is in question!

So In Short, Don’t Be A FAT FUCK With A Shaker Cup

Unless Recreational Sumo Appeals To You

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