A Few Of My Favorite Things: Met Rx Big 100

MET-Rx cookie dough

This is the continuation of a serial style segment titled “a few of my favorite things”. The intended purpose of for this series is to both allow me to do “mini product reviews” as well as bring you market awareness of some of the industries more niche products and items I like that I feel … Read more

Science Vs Insanity

Having been a fitness center manager and devout gym-rat, I have spent 8-12 hours per day in and around the weight room for the last few decades. I genuinely have enjoyed working with and around the weight training world, but I have observed some remarkable behavior over that time! The weight training world it seems … Read more

AM Cardio?

Skeletal Muscle Glycogen Content Diurnal Variation and The Effects of Fasting RK Conlee, MJ Rennie, and WW Winder To test whether skeletal muscle glycogen concentration is related to food consumption, glycogen content was determined in red (R) and white (W) vastus lateralis and in soleus (S) muscles from six groups of ad libitum-fed rats killed … Read more

Cardio = Leanness!!!

Original art by John Minka of Bewitched Tattoo

Fact: Most “real” (competitive) bodybuilders never allow their body fat percentage to rise above %15, in fact, most stay closer to %10. Fact: Most “real” (competitive) bodybuilders do little or no “cardio” in the offseason! Use of logic and critical thinking: If Fact 1 is accurate and bodybuilders achieve and maintain leanness year round and … Read more