5 Arnold Classic Pro Tips

The Arnold Classic(s) are just weeks away, rather than pen a tired anticipation piece I thought perhaps I’d give you a few tips and tricks we’ve picked up over the last decade of ASF going. First and foremost when booking your lodging look at the outlying towns. Towns like Dublin are only 10-15 minutes from […]

A Few Of My Favorite Things: The RumbleRoller

This post is the continuation of a serial style segment titled “a few of my favorite things.” The intended purpose of for this series is to both allow me to do “mini product reviews” as well as bring you market awareness of some of the industries more niche products and items I like that I […]

The Little Things,……………Or Are They

For those of you who are not Are not familiar with me or my methods let me be painfully clear on this point 99.5% of all OTC products or other worthless or not supplements at all but extremely expensive processed foods. That being said (and accurate) let me point out a few little things that […]

A Rational Bodybuilding Diet!

Alternate title: I will never use the stupid fucking word “BULKING”! That said, every single day I pen hyper-caloric diets for the elite athlete from every corner of the world! Why the discrepancy, why the word games, you ask? The answer like most is far more simplistic than you might imagine. Words are some of […]

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