A Big Bag Of Shit!

……….That is what I have to step around in the weight room.

Art by the incomparable John Minka

I know that I’m biased against “Westsiders” and Conjugate lifters at Large and in truth I’m just fine with that bias. This, however, is one of the rare occasions when my personal bias and reality line up so perfectly that …………well I’m fairly sure I’m not wrong.


What part of weight training requires more luggage than a family on holiday?

The funniest part is when you actually do need something in the weight room, and you ask one of these beanie-capped fat fucks for it well ……. no luck! No, the Calfless-ski-capped-wonder doesn’t have a bandaid…………..no first date of any kind!

He does however have:

  • 47 Rubber bands in every color of the rainbow

  • 12 Bottles Of horse liniment

  • 7 Dirty T-Shirts

  • Enough athletic tape to film a bondage porn

The point of this lil scratching you ask……. none, or perhaps as much as a big bag of SHIT!


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